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News 24/10/2017
Published on 24-10-2017

Здравствуйте, дорогие пользователи. На сегодняшний день мы достигли 20к зарегистрированных пользователей. Что является хорошим результатом.

И вот немного статистики:

Работаем: 451 день (более 15 месяцев)
Пользователей: более 20000
Среднее число регистраций в месяц: 1341
Количество выплат: 1234 выплаты
Среднее число выплат в месяц: 82
Выплат на сумму: 2300$
Средняя сумма выплаты: 1.86$

Мы стабильно работаем и развиваемся далее и будем увеличивать нашу статистику. Спасибо всем кто выбрал нас.


Hello, dear users. To date, we have reached 20k registered users. Which is a good result.

And here are some statistics:

We work: 451 days (more than 15 months)
Users: more than 20000
Average number of registrations per month: 1341
Number of payments: 1234 payments
Average number of payments per month: 82
Payouts to the amount of: $ 2300
Average amount of payment: 1.86 $

We work steadily and develop further and will increase our statistics. Thanks to all who chose us.

News 05/06/2017
Published on 05-06-2017

Good afternoon, dear users. I am glad to report that for today we have 10 months of stable work and more than 12k the registered users. Thanks to all who has chosen and supports

Here several reasons why it is worth being with us:

1. We Are checked by time - 10 months of stable work.
2. We Are checked by alexa ranking - we were able to pay when our alexa ranking was 500k. Dixned doesn't depend on alexa ranking indicators.
3. Most of our users are on standard membership. Therefore you can see that payments small. It proves that for 10 months we don't depend on deposits of users.
4. Two more projects are planned to be launched.

Despite 10 months of work, we are still developing. So if you look for reliable and long-term Ptc, then Dixned will be the best choice. As we could already prove our reliability.

Best regards.


Добрый день, дорогие пользователи. Рад сообщить что на сегодня мы имеем 10 месяцев стабильной работы и больше чем 12к зарегистрированных  пользователей. Спасибо всем кто выбрал и поддерживает  

Вот несколько причин почему стоит быть с нами:

  1.      Проверены временем - 10 месяцев стабильной работы.
  2.      Проверены alexa ranking - мы были платёжеспособны когда наш alexaranking был 500к. Платёжеспособность Dixned не зависит от показателей alexa ranking.
  3.      Большинство наших пользователей находятся на стандартном членстве. Поэтому вы можете видеть что выплаты небольшие. Это доказывает что на протяжении 10 месяцев мы не зависим от вкладов пользователей.
  4.      Планируется запуск еще двух проектов.

Несмотря на 10 месяцев работы мы еще только развиваемся. Так что если вы ищите надежный и долгосрочный Ptc, то Dixned будет лучшим выбором. Так как мы уже смогли доказать нашу надежность.

С наилучшими пожеланиями.


Published on 15-02-2017

Promotion "15 payments a month" (Every month)

Place payment on dixned forum and at one of forums for earnings and receive 2$ for balance of purchase for purchase of rented referrals.

1. Place payment on dixned forum and at one of forums for earnings:
2. Send link to support service.
3. Receive 2$ for balance of purchases, for purchase of rented referrals.

 The number of users is limited to 15 in a month.

Cashout Time : 4 Day

While buying our Memberships - it is guaranteed you will get 140% profit.

News 15/02/2017
Published on 15-02-2017

Hi, dear users. Thank you for choosing dixned and for collaboration with us. I am glad to inform you that we are working more than 6 months. During this time we have more than 8300 users and the payment to the value of 800$.
Despite 6 months of activity dixned just starts to gain momentum. And if you do not know which ptc should be chosen in 2017, dixned will be the best choice in 2017 as we are ready for long work.

Time to describe about our marketing came. Our marketing differs from other ptc marketings. While buying our memberships - it is guaranteed you will get 140% profit.

Membership revenue (4 month*35% = 140%):

Membership(Iron 10$) = 14$ (3.5$ per month)
Membership (Chrome 30$) = 42$(10.5$ per month)
Membership (Copper 60$) = 84$(21$ per month)
Membership (Bronze 100$) = 140$(35$ per month)
Membership (Silver 200$) = 280$(70$ per month)
Membership (Gold 400$) = 560$(140$ per month)
Membership (Platinum 800$) = 1120$(280$ per month)

Membership (Standard): Profitability will be not big, but you will be able to begin to earn free of charge. 

The additional profit for our users will also be made by leased and direct referrals.During 6 months we have been working with such kind of marketing but now you have a detailed description.But despite our long work - 90% of our users still are on standard memberships. Therefore be not surprised that payments on our website still small.

The future:
Dixned is the 1-st project out of 3 planned by administrator. If it is interesting to you that will be farther - join us, earn and watch news.

Facebook group DixNed:

News 11/01/2017
Published on 11-01-2017

Dear, members. I am glad to welcome you in 2017. Thank you that chose us. Dixned is ready for long work, and we will be able to prove it in 2017. As we are very busy now and not to violate regulations of payments we make change: Now all payments will be processed within 4 days. Very big request to users who receive payments, to post them at forums, it very much will help dixned. Thank you for understanding.

New server.
Published on 03-12-2016

Dear members. Every day attendance of dixned grows. Therefore we need to pass to more powerful server.
There will be a transition to the new server tonight, it can take from 24 to 48 hours.
Therefore some time the website will be not available.

Best regars.

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