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News 11/01/2017
Published on 11-01-2017

Dear, members. I am glad to welcome you in 2017. Thank you that chose us. Dixned is ready for long work, and we will be able to prove it in 2017. As we are very busy now and not to violate regulations of payments we make change: Now all payments will be processed within 4 days. Very big request to users who receive payments, to post them at forums, it very much will help dixned. Thank you for understanding.

New server.
Published on 03-12-2016

Dear members. Every day attendance of dixned grows. Therefore we need to pass to more powerful server.
There will be a transition to the new server tonight, it can take from 24 to 48 hours.
Therefore some time the website will be not available.

Best regars.

New promotion!
Published on 26-10-2016

Dear, members.

New promotion. For the best development of Dixned, we carry out promotion. Support Dixned, places payments at forums and earn reward for it.

Receive 0.25$ on main balance and 250 000 credits banner ad (5$). Place your payments at forums: moneymakergroup, talkgold, dixned. Payment shall be placed at three forums. For reward, send three links to support service.

Best regards.

Admin Dixned.

Promotion 3: "Minimum withdrawal from 0.25$"
Published on 06-08-2016

Promotion 3: "Minimum withdrawal from 0.25$"

As part of this promotion the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.25$

Next withdrawal 0.5$/1$/2$/4$/5$

After the completion of the promotion, the minimum withdrawal amount is 2$.


Promotion: "A bonus for provision of payments at forums"
Published on 06-08-2016

Promotion: "A bonus for provision of payments at forums"

Receive 0.25$ for balance of purchases for provision of payments.

I. For receipt of a bonus, it is necessary for you:

1. To place payment from our service at least at 3 forums or other resources.

Obligatory placement of one payment at the forum dixned. Placement of payment can be done at forums, blogs, and other similar websites.

2. To write to support in the section "Return of the Commission and Bonuses" marked" the Bonus for provision of payments at forums" and to provide the following information:

a. References to forums or other resources with your payment.
b. Your nickname at a forum or a resource.
c. Payment amount.

Welcome to!
Published on 30-07-2016

Welcome to Dixned.

We launched. Our team is pleased to present the best service for online earnings and advertising platform. Currently it is available lowest price on advertising for advertisers. In the future, the price of advertising will rise. We offer high-paying ads views for users of our service. So with the help of membership, users can earn up to $ 0.5 per-view.

Membership income. Awarding for viewing one ad:

Membership Standard

 Extended Ads                    0.001$

 Macro Ads                     0.00015$

 Standard Ads                   0.0001$

 Micro Ads                       0.0001$

 Membership Iron

 Extended Ads                     0.006$

 Macro Ads                          0.004$

 Standard Ads                    0.0034$

 Micro Ads                         0.0001$

 Membership Chrome

 Extended Ads                        0.02$

 Macro Ads                          0.011$

 Standard Ads                      0.008$

 Micro Ads                          0.0001$

 Membership Copper

 Extended Ads                        0.04$

 Macro Ads                           0.025$

 Standard Ads                         0.01$

 Micro Ads                          0.0001$

 Membership Bronze

 Extended Ads                         0.07$

 Macro Ads                             0.04$

 Standard Ads                       0.0134$

 Micro Ads                          0.0001$

 Membership Silver 

 Extended Ads                         0.14$

 Macro Ads                             0.08$

 Standard Ads                      0.0267$

 Micro Ads                           0.0001$

 Membership Gold

 Extended Ads                         0.28$

 Macro Ads                             0.16$

 Standard Ads                      0.0534$

 Micro Ads                          0.0001$

 Membership Platinum

 Extended Ads                         0.50$

 Macro Ads                             0.35$

 Standard Ads                        0.167$

 Micro Ads                          0.0001$

Income from direct referrals up to 0.0005$ per click, renting ref from 0.001$ on all memberships.

Join our service today. If you have any questions - please contact the support. We wish successes and great earnings to all our users.


Sincerely administrator and its team.

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